Oct 05

Fairfield RTC Chairman Calls on State Rep. Cristin McCarthy Vahey to Explain her Votes

Fairfield, Connecticut – Fairfield Republican Town Committee Chairman James Millington called on State Representative Cristin McCarthy Vahey (D-132) to explain to the people of Fairfield why she voted in favor of Governor Malloy’s contract deal that locks in union benefits for State employees for the next 10 years and why she voted “yes” on last year’s budget implementer to cut education funding to Fairfield.

Millington remarked that the state’s union deal locks in one of the most crippling cost elements of the State’s budget for an extended period of time:  “The untenable union deal reached in Hartford will have a negative effect on the Town of Fairfield and the level of financial support we receive back from the state, which is already pennies on the dollar.”

Millington cited that in last year’s budget, McCarthy Vahey “proudly boasted” that she voted against the budget.  Although she did vote against the initial budget request, when the detailed outline of the budget came to a vote of implementation she voted for it.  The initial budget that McCarthy Vahey voted against did not outline the education cuts to the Town of Fairfield.  When the vote to implement the budget came forward, the education cuts to Fairfield were fully outlined, and she voted for it. If she were truly against the budget, she would have voted ‘no’ on both.”

“Once again, McCarthy Vahey has voted with her party leadership and not in the best interest of Fairfield and she needs to explain herself” Millington said.  Millington cited that McCarthy Vahey has made no public statements at all in regard to her latest vote or her previous vote on the implementer.  “You can’t tell the people of Fairfield one thing and then go to Hartford and do another.”

In addition, Millington stated that McCarthy Vahey did not attend a bi-partisan meeting in Hartford to review the Republican budget.  “With no budget put forward by the Democrats, she should have come to this meeting, asked questions and challenged elements she did not agree with; instead, she did not show up.”

Millington called on McCarthy Vahey to explain her votes. “McCarthy Vahey claims to be in an important leadership role in her caucus – then why isn’t she advocating for our town and the future viability of our state? What is she trading for now since she voted for the union contract? Does she really think that’s a good deal for CT taxpayers? Why did she vote on the budget implementer last year? We just do not know because she has remained silent.”