Dec 18

Chairman’s Message

Dear Fellow Republicans,

As the Fairfield Republican Town Committee Chairman, I would like to welcome you to our website. The Fairfield Republican Party is a strong and vibrant organization committed to keeping Fairfield an affordable and special place to live while providing top notch services and award winning schools to our residents.

The success of our party locally depends on residents who volunteer their time to either serve the community on a board or commission or within the Republican Town Committee. Our doors are wide open to anyone who wants to step forward and get involved.

The statement that “all politics are local” rings true here in Fairfield. While many of our members share many social views with our Democratic counterparts, there is a clear divide in philosophy when it comes to operation of our government and spending. The current Democratic administration has proposed to increase taxes nearly 10% over the last two years with no talk of any reforms. Fairfield Republicans were able to substantially reduce that increase with careful thought and consideration and without harming services. However, our work has only just begun.

Over the last five years, Republicans have made great strides in Fairfield. Five years ago, we won back control of the Representative Town Meeting (RTM aka Town Council). In the subsequent elections we have held and, most recently, expanded our majority on the RTM. We have also held a large majority on the Board of Finance. In the last election, Republicans won nearly every open seat in every race. Currently, we hold majorities on the Town Plan and Zoning, Board of Assessment Appeals, Zoning Board of Appeals and Constables. We also have a Republican State Senator and two out of three State Representatives are currently Republicans. The tide has begun to shift back our way from the days in which Democrats had a firm grip on Fairfield.

Moving forward, we face strong challenges. We must hold control of the seats we have while continuing to build or majorities. Most importantly, we need to win back the First Selectman’s seat (aka: Mayor) in order to begin the reforms we have talked about for so long. In order to do all this, we need to get our message out and we need volunteers to help support and work with our candidates to assure victories in November.

I again thank you for visiting our website. I hope you will come visit our site often, attend an event and/or come to a meeting. Working together we will continue to build a better Fairfield and try to save our State from the financial mess we currently face.


James Millington